Looking Back

I admit it, I’m a sucker for trying to take a good shot or even a bad shot. A snapshot, that is. I always swear I’ll leave my camera or phone tucked away while I’m hunting but end up breaking my own rule. Bob even went out a couple of times without his gun and got some beautiful shots.

Tomorrow is season opener for chukar and grey partridge in Idaho. This will be our 10th year sharing stories and photographs of hunting wild birds in addition to sharing just a small taste of the culture of upland life in our neck of the woods.

A lot the hunts from last year were challenging, but we always have a fun and wonderful time when hunting alone or with family, friends, and good dogs. These are some of our favorite moments from the 2018/2019 season.

Thank you for following along on our journey each year. Maybe we’ll cross paths with some of you out there reading this right now. If we do, we look forward to meeting you.

Enjoy your season, happy hunting.

Leslie and Bob

Looking back
Sun and sagebrush
The low creep
In the bag
A walk for chukar with some Virginians
The wall
Double point
Four pointing dog day
Pot of gold
New friends and old friends
The color of the season
Fence line
Favorite shade of blue
Afternoon traverse
The long descent
Nose to the ground
Covey rise
Into the clouds
Aged warrior
Wallowa view
Sunburst brothers
A young dog learns a new scent
Post hunt recovery

9 Replies to “Looking Back”

    1. Brett, Thanks for commenting.
      I hope your opener goes well too. We just got back from hunting, awesome day for both of us!

  1. Love your pictures and desires to hunt! Hope your opener was productive. Actually, I hope to hear that you’re Britts experienced the best bird numbers ever and there are chukar in the grill.

    1. Chukar marsala wrapped in prosciutto is on tonight’s dinner menu.

      Great two days of hunting, thanks for asking. The boys got quite a few retrieves this weekend, Peat mainly because he hunts with Bob. Angus pointed a hun today in the sage and I managed to hit it when it flew and he brought it to me. It was a beautiful moment because he isn’t as quick as Peat who usually gets to the downed birds first. I cherish every Angus retrieve.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Cheers, Leslie

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