The Chukar

The Chukar
Chukar in its natural habitat

The chukar (Alectoris chukar) is a non-native species of partridge introduced to North America back in the 1930s. Its natural range is from Israel up through India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Despite its fairly obscure existence in American culture, possibly due to the fact that pursuing this bird is in direct opposition to the increasing and defining laziness of American citizens (in general; is anyone really going to argue with me on this point?), the chukar inspires passion among those who like to hunt the bird and even serves as a sports mascot for a couple institutions in the intermountain west and the namesake for a candy maker. Below are some links to resources and other stuff involving this cool bird…



12 Replies to “The Chukar”

  1. I have followed your lead and purchased a Benelli ultralight for late season chukar. I generally hunt with a 16ga SxS (have a couple that I like), the Benelli has similar weight and balance and throws more shot. 😉. But where did you find a forend sling attachment? I found the Benelli part number but it seems to be eternally out of stock everywhere.

      1. Got it, works great. It was out of stock for over a month but they called me when it came in.

  2. Bob, could you please tell me the plug-in you use for “follow blog via email”? I just found out (9 months later) that the plug-in I installed is not working. You helped me answer a few questions last year so this request is legit/not spam. Thanks, David

    1. Hi David,

      I just used one of the widgets that was built into the theme I’m using. If you go to Appearance in the main menu, choose Widgets, and then look for Follow Blog, and drag it over to wherever you want to put it. If yours isn’t working, you might look for another theme and try that. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you… Good luck!

  3. I’ve been hunting with a Benelli m2 field 12 gauge … love this gun but I’m looking for a 20 gauge for chukar. I shoot left handed (let eye dominant) always have so it makes it tough to find nice shotguns that work for me the M2 fits the bill I just wish they made a Montefeltro 20 gauge or the ultralight in left hand. looks like my option is the m2 field in black synthetic 20 gauge but that’s not exactly the classic uplander “look”. I guess what’s really important is that the m2 fits me perfect and is a real shooter for me.

    1. Sounds like you know what you want. I prefer 12g for chukar, but my wife does fine with her 20g. A friend shoots left-handed with a right-handed Francchi Affinity and has no problem with it (he did get the safety switched to the left side). Good luck!

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