Preparing for tomorrow’s season opener… Besides making sure we have the shells we need, everything is charged, deciding where we’ll go, I’ve also been going through photos from last season and reminiscing more about it. Tomorrow, it will be out with the old and in with the new season. Here are some of my favorite moments plus some short video clips from the 2017/2018 chukar season.

We hope everyone out there has a wonderful season. Good luck!

The climb
Team work
The mighty Snake
Break time
chukar country
Fields of gold
The point
Big country
After the retrieve
Snowy traverse
IMG_1192 2.jpg
Descending with Sam
Mouth to hand
View from the top
The old warrior
Post hunt stories
Final snapshot from 2017/2018 season

8 Replies to “Reminisce”

    1. Jim,
      Idaho opener is a little early in our opinion. We need to get out the dogs out tomorrow for some exercise anyway so it might end up being just a hike with a gun. Thank you for the comment. Leslie

  1. Just thought I should mention how much I appreciate you sharing your stories of Peat developing into a chukar dog. Having a puppy this year I find myself remembering your stories about Peat and it has helped remind myself to enjoy my puppy and to have patience and grace with her when she acts up.

    1. Ben,
      Two years ago, we were done with puppies. Fed up with them. We thought never again but we’re already thinking about another Brittany puppy next year. They will at some point turn a switch and become a real dog but sometimes they do have their moments. Just yesterday, out of the blue, Peat grabbed a throw pillow off of a chair in the living room and bolted outside through the dog door full speed with it in his mouth, growling along the way. We both laughed so hard! Enjoy the crazy moments.

  2. Great pics. I am from Boise, great places in Idaho to hunt. Now I’m in WY. Our season opens tomorrow as well. Just got a Brittany pup a few weeks ago. Can’t wait’

    1. David, Good luck out there with your Brittany puppy. We got both Angus and Peat out there looking for birds when they were about four and five months old. It’s a lot of fun watching beginner bird dogs figuring out wild birds. Thanks for your comment.

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