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A week later, the withdrawal symptoms have begun. Peat’s evening hotlaps have intensified. Angus seems more lost than his age and illness can explain, insisting on some daily me-time around dusk to see if any game birds have interloped on our plot. Leslie made the video. I’m having more meltdowns than usual, at least in my head (and seem to be sleeping much less). Arg. I hate the off-season.

But, as you can see in the video, it was a season worth looking at. All the numbers were better than ever, even if it felt like there were fewer birds than ever. The numbers say otherwise (that’s why it’s good to keep a log, to keep your memory fair).

So enjoy the video, and — if you’re anything like me — hang in there until next September.

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    1. Hi Bob , we always very much enjoyed watching your videos ,all the way to the last one ,I just wanted to be in touch with you ,as you may remember that my son and I did end up hunting the snake river last fall early October ,found a lot of birds ! but did not have chance to look up on you , as you asked us very kindly if we had the opportunity to come up to your area .
      Since we moved to Oregon ,a few mounts ago closer then before ,may be this fall ,we would have the pleasure to visit you.

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Unfortunitly I did not make the trip last season. Was on my way on December 26 and got turned back on I80 due to wether. Pleanning mid October or early November trip next year.

  2. You certainly captured the feel of the hunt! Thanks for putting in pictures and writing the reason we “mourn” at the end of the season!

  3. I appreciate your video, thanks for sharing your season. Sure is tough not being able to take the pointers out after chukar. So did you guys see more birds this year compared to last year? Some places were up in numbers for me and then other areas were way down. I hunted Nevada, Idaho and Oregon. Just wondered if you had any thoughts on that.

    1. Hi Kent, the numbers say we saw more than last year, but I didn’t feel we did. That’s probably because, like you, we saw some areas that were good and other places that we’re used to seeing lots of birds and saw basically none. We hunted mostly in Idaho, except got Oregon licenses in January and hunted mostly in Oregon the last month of the season (all new places for us). I seem to be more concerned about the growing threats to the chukar population than many people seem to be, including biologists, but what do I know? I’m doing some research and hope to have some more fact-based information about this later this year.

  4. Bob – I saw your blog from January and gleaned some info on your thoughts on birds and populations. Thanks for the info, best to your family.

  5. Great video. It shows all the vital stats that it takes to successfully harvest chukars. Lot’s of boots on the ground, good dog work and rough country. Pretty much shows why the chukar will always be the winner at the end of a long season.

  6. I was a Chukar hound as a kid living in Southern Idaho. Moved to Montana in my 20’s and have been chasing Lion’s the last 40. All my hounds are either retired or gone and I find myself back to Bird dogs again! Looking at this video makes me think maybe chasing lion hounds isn’t so bad. But either way I will take this back up this fall good or bad. Love to watch good dogs work no matter what their job.
    Only a dog person knows how you feel when you loose one! Sorry for that and thanks for the videos!

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