Chukar Science

A while back we took a shooting lesson from a certified shotgun instructor. We learned a lot, it increased the number of birds we bagged, and improved the ethical component of upland bird hunting: more clean kills and fewer cripples.

The instructor, Joel Loftis, has written an impressively detailed guide aimed (pun intended) specifically at chukar hunters, and I’m pleased to offer it for sale in our Shop.

The Chukar Hunter’s Wingshooting Guide, which Joel wrote as an extended syllabus for his shooting students, includes a ton of information about vision, balanced loads, patterning, setup, gun fit, strategy, and has the most extensive bibliography of any upland hunting book I’ve seen. The guide reflects the intensity of Joel’s instruction style, is remarkably well-written, and is based on an impressively wide range of research. Chukar hunters will know that there are a few books out there on hunting this stellar bird (name the books), but none of them go into the level of detail Joel provides in this guide. Below is a photo of the Table of Contents. Check it out.

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