Chukar Lucky

Chukar habitat par excellence
Chukar habitat par excellence

After the last couple hikes with Angus, I’m feeling pretty lucky.

With Leslie away, it was just my best friend and me. We went to a new spot, the opposite direction from our normal compass bearing. Filtering through private land, endless rolling hills, creeks, basalt scatter, barbed wire in various states of repair, muddy tracks betraying several weight classes of vehicular passing, we reached some large parcels of BLM land. I picked a spot with some inviting chukar habitat and we set out.

Break time
Break time

Within minutes, Angus pointed. One bird went up, and I managed to wing it, but I knew it would run. Angus disappeared over the ridge top. I checked where I saw the chukar hit the ground, and found just a few feathers. Five minutes later, Angus appeared with the bird.

P1100598It went like that all day. A few singles, then a covey or two, then more singles. Angus was birdy all the time. Almost seven miles later, we made it back to the pickup. The next day, we went back to the same area, but hunted on the other side of the road. Carbon copy day. Chukar lucky.

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4 Replies to “Chukar Lucky”

    1. Good question, Claudine (and thanks for asking it). It’s interesting how word order can so drastically alter meaning, huh? Anyway, my favorite thing to do with the luckless birds is make the risotto recipe on the blog (see the recipe link for others).

  1. What a couple of beautiful days. I see Angus knows how to cool down. All of past dogs have always figured that out but Jake won’t have none of it.

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