We’ve almost sold out of Joel Loftis’s The Chukar Hunter’s Wingshooting Guide, and I’m curious to hear any feedback about it. Leslie has been reading it and keeps telling me things she’s doing differently because of stuff she’s learned from it. So, if you feel inclined, we’d love to hear any thoughts anyone has about it. (I’m also trying to decide if we should order more of them…)

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  1. I do realize my review of the guide might be biased but thought I’d give my two cents worth anyway.

    I like how Joel makes it simple and easy to understand. I’m a beginner shooter for the most part so I don’t like being overwhelmed with too much information. I just want to cut to the chase and learn the basics. The back of the guide has detailed notes and bibliography if you want to pursue his sources to get more information.

    Stance, holding the gun, posture, the ready position, the gun mount, how to focus on the bird, things to think about if you miss, and how to shoot doubles, for example, are just some of the things that he covers. These are things that you can think about while you’re out hunting and looking for chukar which sometimes is for hours. When your dog finally does find chukar and goes on point there’s tons of other things to think about besides the just the shooting part. If you’re going to spend hours training your dog to hunt birds, also knowing the basics of shooting chukar and training yourself is equally important.

    I hunted chukar 56 times last season and almost as many times the year before and I know every scenario will be different. While you’re trying to catch your breath, you’re thinking about where your dog is located in location to where the covey might bust, where are your feet positioned on the steep terrain or where is your hunting partner and his dog? I’ve studied the guide and practiced gun mounts at home like Joel goes over in the guide, and the shooting of the birds is now coming more automatic and I’m consistently hitting birds.

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