Chill and yellow

“On longer evenings
Light, chill and yellow,
Bathes the serene
Foreheads of houses.” — Philip Larkin, “Coming” (excerpt)

Lots of things coming. Coming up. Coming soon. Coming back. Coming too soon or too late. Just coming. Some things unexpected, like Peat yesterday triumphantly coming to us with a Canada goose egg in his mouth. He delivered it to me, the gorgeous large warm beige shelled pre-bird and I managed to return it to its future siblings in the nest while mom screamed in the river; with all the rain and the nest just at the edge of the water in the willows I wonder if it was, or will be, all in vain. I spent some night currency wondering if geese can move a nest filled with eggs.

Egg return

Speaking of birds (how odd), a new season is coming, and lots of grass is coming up and this gets many of us excited about big broods of chukar chicks to come. This often happens to us about this time of year, and sometimes it’s warranted or reasonable or logical, and other times it’s just stupidity talking. Or hope. “Hope is the thing with feathers,” as Emily said.

Other things will come between now and the season, which is like having that autumnal hope in the bank, sitting there acquiring interest faster than Jeff Bezos’s new ex-wife’s new savings account. For us, the thing between is summer and fishing, this time with our first drift boat, a nod to latent insanity and, ostensibly, our dogs: they can come with (even though they’re mildly pissed off about being confined to the floating thing), which — in the past — they couldn’t, so this should be interesting.

Angus doesn’t want to be left behind again

More rain is freaking coming, too. The hope is that the earth in Hells Canyon won’t be talcum in late September, as it was last year.

Something’s coming from Leslie; yesterday she shared her second bombshell of the week with me (the first being her wonderful post and video): she’ll soon have me put some of her chukar-inspired creations on the blog’s store. I’ll let her let that cat out of that bag, though. Sometimes I know what’s good for me.

I’m contemplating getting some new hats, too, but not sure if anyone’s interested in that. We’ve got some left, but don’t push them. It’s coming to that.

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