GSP Needs a Home

UPDATE July 23: Jessie will be heading to a family in Colorado, and doing a lot of hunting. She’ll have two other GSP siblings (a pup and an old warrior). We wish her, and her soon-to-be former family, the best.

I’m posting this as a favor to someone who finds himself in the unthinkable situation of having to find a new home for his beloved 8-year-old German Shorthair Pointer. He’d prefer she go to a chukar hunter, but is more concerned she can be with a loving family that will give her lots of exercise off-leash. If you’re interested, contact me through the blog and I’ll send you his email address. Here are his comments about the dog, Jessie:

She’s slept on my bed with me since she was about 2.  She loves being in her kennel in the car. I take her almost everywhere with me.  If I made 300 trips in the car last year (local) she was on 270 of them.  I think she’s about 10 lbs overweight but she doesn’t look bad.  She wants to be wherever I am.  I think the best owners for her would be people who are retired or semi-retired.  She’s never spent an 8-hour day home alone.  I’ve been retired the whole time I’ve had her.  If she had to be left home all day I think it might suck the life out of her.  She’s energized by going and doing.  She’s not on my bed at night any more.  She’s locked out of the bedroom at night.  My heart hurts for her and what the future might look like with someone who wasn’t willing to let her be tied at the hip to her.  She’s the best dog I ever had and there have been probably 8 since I was growing up in the ’50s.  She gets along fine with other dogs but doesn’t seem to be very interested in them.  She’d rather be with people.  She has only chewed up one thing valuable in her entire life.  It was a Teva river sandal that I left out when she was about 8 months.  She’s very smart and very anxious to please and to be close to humans.  She’s a beautiful shorthair.  One night a vet at West Vet here in Boise told me she was the best looking shorthair he had ever seen. She has papers but I never registered her.  She was spayed at 7 months. I’ve found that there are dogs that hunt for themselves and dogs that hunt for their owners.  She is definitely the latter.  She never gets too far out (100-300 yards) and always comes back to check in.  I’ve seen her point a single Hungarian Partridge in one bush on a hillside 300 yards away.

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  1. Wow I would take her in a heart beat. I know a trainer that just lost his britney and needs a dog for the next few seasons and he runs dogs with horses and hunts chuks a lot and has a great family. If I had your instagram, I seem to have Lost it. I would PM you the chukar count I just finished in Idaho. I’ve been doing this same count since 1999. Hope Europe was a blast.

    Mark. Chukarhunter50.

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