We took a hike a couple weeks ago before the rain. The chukar hills were bone dry, like mid-October. The only green things we saw were a few buttercups and some tiny wild currant leaves fooled by the warm, sunny weather. I tried imagining what a bird feels when it can’t get enough to eat.

Buttercup, and a little greenup...
Buttercup, and a little greenup…

Then rain came. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, and everything turned green overnight. I imagined chukar sighing with relief and filling their crops with succulent blades of cheatgrass.

It feels good to care about this land for other creatures’ sakes. I suppose it lessens the selfishness I feel in the fall removing some of those creatures from their land. But really I just want there to be lots of birds to shoot. They need food. Food needs rain. What does rain need?

4 Replies to “Rain”

  1. Praying for rain also. Think that lack of moisture has a huge impact on chukar brood sizes. Sure enjoy your stories throughout the hunting season.

  2. Bob no rain in the high desert of northern Nevada we keep getting passed my!! Hopefully a spring . We need it


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