4 Replies to “Just another chukar hunting video”

  1. Another great video as usual. I just got back from the other side of your pond and it did me good to watch it and a couple of your last video’s. Slipping and sliding on the snow and mud in between burnt off ridges had me thinking of some new words for groups of chukar, especially those that flew as I tumbled, but this is a clean site so I’ll not mention them.

  2. Bob, Just buy a three day license at this point. The first one costs you a little money because of the bird stamp, which is good for the rest of the season. The other three day licenses are $26.50. Unless you plan on humting Oregon from here.on out. There are not enough weekends left to justify the season. Although hunting where.you do. I would.have both since it is a two minute boat.ride.to Oregon.

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