The time is nigh

The Sea Runner is ready

Getting close. We’ve taken to sitting in the boat in the evenings now, imagining, strategizing, speculating, expectorating, and imbibing IPA.

Chukar have serenaded us during every fishing trip this summer. Angus has filed away their crowing coordinates.

We took a hike last weekend through a favorite late-season spot (which is the same place we took photos for an earlier post), which is bone dry now – I just wanted to walk and get Angus some hill work, and didn’t expect to see any birds or sign. I didn’t. There’s nothing for partridges to eat there yet. I did notice a plant (see photo below) that looks like cocklebur spread everywhere the cattle have been, but as far as I can tell it’s not cocklebur.

What's this plant?
What’s this plant?

Anyone have any ideas on what it is? I’d never noticed this plant here before; if it is a cocklebur, we’ll avoid that area in the fall because Angus has a real talent for collecting them, which adds an unpleasant hour or two to every post-hunt ritual.

Finally, I bought a new domain for this blog (decaled on the boat: It shouldn’t affect how you get here, or anything else. Just shorter.

Hang in there, I tell Angus and Leslie. It’s almost time. But I’m really talking to myself. It happens a lot this time of year.

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  1. Bob that is star thistle. it is awful and even fire won’t take it out, we have a lot of it here in CA. If you don’t get in front of it, it will become full stands of waist-high thorns, right at eye level for a dog. awful stuff.

  2. Bob that is star thistle, awful awful stuff. Here in CA it grows to solid, waist high stands of pure thorns. Right at eye level for dogs. I usually find it in areas where there are a lot of horses. Very hard to get rid of, even with fire.

    Nice boat!

  3. I believe that is either star thistle or burdock. I haven’t seen much star thistle around that area but have seen a lot of burdock which is a pain for long hair dog owners also. Star thistle is painful for both dog and hunter.
    Like you, Leslie and Angus, Jake and I are patiently waiting. The last two cooler mornings haven’t helped any. A couple of early morning grouse hunts next week might help some. Good luck to the three of you.

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