Precipitous Christmas Partridge

Going up
Going up

Christmas Day offered clarity, and we felt it would have been rude not to accept it, so we went. First, we drove down into Hells Canyon, where the temperature began in single digits.

Then we climbed up (about 1800 feet in a quarter mile) on a ridge I’d never hunted. The effort was worth it.

We saw lots of birds, but I shot poorly, depriving Angus, once again, of significant mouthfuls of feathers. He’ll get over it.

The easy part
The easy part

Enjoy the video…

8 Replies to “Precipitous Christmas Partridge”

  1. Thank you for the video, from a man that can’t wait to get on the hill again. Your video’s are the perfect medicine for knee replacement. Knowing how much I love doing what you’re doing helps me through therapy.

      1. Could you share with me the title and artist of the background music in your “Precipitous Christmas partridge” video; December 26, 2013?

        I really enjoy your website, thanks!

  2. I feel the same way, thanks for vid. Between two little boys and a wife with flu I’m stuck in town.

    Btw I got the Cabelas lite n load pack for $60 special this past week. Now to find the time to use it…

  3. Thanks for the album link, Bob. I live in Eugene, Oregon and hunted the Oregon side of Brownlee last week. Lots of up and down and 2 chukar bagged. My dogs and I worked hard for them!

    1. We might have heard your shots if you were out on Sunday… Good job to get those birds. Sounds like you hunt with more than one dog. We’re thinking of adding another next spring. Stay in touch!

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