Peat Won

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita…

About halfway through his life, Peat has finally realized his incessant hope for a sibling who’ll play with him.

It took less than a week. In Peat’s five full years with Angus, Angus rarely deigned even to humor Peat’s attempts to play. Peat never stopped trying, but whether it was self-respect, a religious devotion to his own dignity, or simply disinterest, Angus wouldn’t give Peat the time of day.

Peat treated Bloom that way for a couple of days. Then, each day I could see the ice melt a little. This morning, Mothers Day, the dams are down. Peat and Bloom have been playing for several hours now, the older dog adjusting his energy and speed to cater to Bloom’s littleness. It’s beautiful to watch. Just a moment ago, Leslie put Bloom in his crate for a rest. Peat found me in the office, packing stuff for our impending move. He rubbed his head on my face, hard. He was telling me something.

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  1. still cant believe you are leaving that home in Idaho to move to the left coast. I moved out of LA 50 years ago to work on farms and be near the out of doors life. I was offered a 50K raise to go back. No way. I also love my Brittanys and love your stories. Best of luck on your move.

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