More Shirts!

After selling out the last double-order in less than a day, we just got a new shipment of shirts, which will probably be the last one this year: chukar season’s about to start, which means, well, that chukar season’s about to start! Grab ’em while you can.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do order shirts, please pay attention to sizing: we’ve gotten a bunch of wrong-size exchanges. If you do order the wrong size, I’ll refund your order when I get the shirt back in new condition, and — if we have any left in the size you want — you can order a different size. This saves me from paying shipping twice (which matters now that I’m recently unemployed).

Stay tuned for a new post that’s NOT about shirts. It will feature a labor of love video about Angus.


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  1. Hope you, Leslie and Peat will have a smoke free and great opening day. I’ve been checking the Woodhead fire updates several times a day. It’s depressing to see what happened to some of the places where you guys and our bunch have chased birds for decades. Planning to arrive in Cambridge Oct 14th and looking forward to sampling your latest batch of brew.

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