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The ugly under-belly of chukar hunting has once again exposed itself here, hoping, maybe, for some kind of swan song celebration of self-hatred. I don’t really want to give the person the pleasure of a reaction, which — not unlike the mentality of mass murderers, who failed in life to get the attention they crave and thus create the conditions for a guaranteed but pathological kind of attention from strangers — is what he (or, more likely in this case, she) wants. But since this, sadly, has become a part of even the most off-the-radar culture of chukar hunting, I’ll offer it up now with the promise of ignoring it from here on out.

In response to my review of the Garmin Alpha, someone who calls him or herself Drakian wrote:

Since you seem like one of those guys that suffers from separation anxiety with your dogs (you not seeming to want them more than 10′ away from you at all times), why even bother with pointing breeds that are genetically designed to “hunt” and sometimes get out of your sight? Get yourself, hmm, maybe a king charles spaniel and leave the real chukar hunting to the big boys, This way, you won’t have to shit your pants every time a dog goes over a hill…..and you won’t have to “run” every time one your dogs goes on “point”. Boy, that’s a sight – you runnin’ and shittin’ at the same time

Two things come to mind. First, it’s only been in the last 18 months or so that we’ve gotten comments like this; I have my own thoughts about why this might be, but I’ll let you make your own connections. Second, it saddens me to contemplate what someone like this might think is appropriate or ethical behavior in the field. I’ve never claimed to be the best-behaved person in the world, or that I have the best manners, or that I’m the most ethical hunter on earth, but I can’t even (and don’t want to) imagine the type of self-hatred that would make talking to a stranger in this way even possible. I feel sorry for him or her. Real life is better. Check it out.

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  1. jealousy! i heart so many stories.. some people call themselves hunters from their couch and they believe they know everything. have a great week!

  2. I used to be a part of a surf fly fishing forum where a similar individual appeared, advocating behavior (including keeping corbina) that violated the norms of the group. No amount of outreach by other forum members made a difference; the person’s hostile and inflammatory posts continued.

    It is appropriate to delete a hostile post that does not add value. Three hostile posts and block the poster.

    1. Thanks, Christian. This is not a forum, so I typically don’t allow comments that I deem inappropriate. As I said, these kinds of comments (most of which I’ve simply deleted before approving them) have only appeared in the last 18 months.

  3. Delete the message and block them. Don’t give people like that any attention. I don’t understand why people feel the need to act like that but unfortunately, it is becoming more and more frequent.

    1. I agree totally, Mike. This person doesn’t deserve the attention I gave them, but I felt the need to acknowledge the crisis in all its ugliness before dropping it for good.

  4. Hate seems to be all around us these days. I don’t know how to solve this, but Karma sometimes does. Love hearing your stories.

  5. Yes, it is astounding why people need to vent like that. If it is not illegal or unethical, it is simply another way to hunt, or fish, or whatever. Reminds of some similar issues that Tom of Trout Underground went through a few years ago. I hope you keep up your posts and can ignore comments such as this.

  6. A juvenile comment. I can comprehend that some are not happy with the technology that is overtaking hunting, but this is not the way to express a complaint.

  7. Hi Bob, I enjoy Chukarculture and am sorry that you are having to deal with this crap. I’m amazed and am impressed by your restraint and wanted to say keep up the good work! Karma will take care of folks like this.

  8. I wonder if that project upland podcast you did (even though I really liked your part of it) attracted some of the unsavory crowd of the inter-web underworld to your blog? The persons comments read just like many of the snobs on the dog training sections of many of the hunting forums. I’m with the suggestion to just block the person and move on except I’m afraid their level of narcism is so great they might just use a new email address and continue trolling. If that becomes the case just ignoring them will eventually work. They just make themselves look like the ugly individuals they are and it doesn’t reflect on you at all in my opinion… example: the dog about your dogs hunting too close … seems like your dogs hunt on par with the range of the breed it’s not like they are Vislas right? The person is just trying to get under your skin.

    1. Thanks, Brian. I think your take is right on, along with Haris from Cyprus: the dude’s jealous and over-compensating (in his tiny mind). Whatever. I highlighted it, and am done doing so. Far better things to focus on (despite the fact that I continue to get comments of this kind).

  9. Hi Bob, kudos to you for your response and composure to this individual’s stupid comment. You have a great blog and I really enjoy reading it.

  10. Hi Bob, love your posts, after reading this I felt the need to respond. Was hunting chukar yesterday in some real steep terrain when my young pointer didn’t get the brakes on soon enough and busted a covey of Huns which flew downhill and around a bench. I called him to heel and walked down close to where we thought they might have landed. Gave him a line and he was on a trail right away and over the edge of the bench he went. Too steep to follow so we waited, after a bit I saw some deer running down a draw and asked my partner if he could see Max my dog, but he couldn’t so I beeped him and waited, after a bit I could see the deer crossing with no Max so beeped him again, should add that he is very good about coming to heel. Beep again and it was to much for him and he busted the covey right above us. Unknown to us he had skirted his way around to above us. I wold have killed for a gps at that moment. Didn’t see any more birds that day. I’ve hunted chukar for fifty years and am always learning

    1. Thanks, Mike. I’ve had lots of experiences like the one you described, and know the frustration. GPS helps for sure, but sometimes the birds just seem to be having a “bust-wild” day not matter how careful I am and how well I have my ducks lined up. Whenever those days are over, I find myself aching to get back out there the next time.

  11. It truly is a sorry state when one’s meaning in life I s generated by bringing others down for finding value/love/inspiration differently than the one does. Hopefully these people will learn to self-reflect a little better. Meanwhile, I share your chukar culture and enjoy reading and discussing your interpretation of it. Keep up the great work. You and Leslie are inspiring and enhance my love for this bird hunting and bird dogs.

    1. Thanks, Brett. I agree, but won’t hold my breath about this kind of behavior changing. I’ve since gotten a bunch more messages like this one. Our society has become infested with termites.

  12. This person is not acting appropriate. I enjoyed your review on the alpha and have it on my short list of purchase in the next year. Partly from your review. I don’t have separation anxiety from being out of sight of my dogs, for me it is more piece of mind to know where they are and if on point…where. My dogs are a big part of my life and just don’t exist for the hunt only. This comes from a sharptail and pheasant hunter who hits public land often in the fall.

  13. Hmm, might be your old buddy Mr. Gordon out of Utah razzin’ you once again. 18 months ago? I recall both your site and the Tuckers Chukars blog getting the attitude from that guy.

    If it’s him, for the past several years he spread is “love” all over the bird dog forums. A skitzo/drunkoid that should be banned from the keyboards. He also doesn’t like a dog to get out of his site while hunting, but lately probably only hunts on the internet

  14. One downfall to the internet is that it opened up an avenue for those with inferiority complexes, social disorders, and other mental issues to exhibit their issues, yet maintain their anonymity. Just keep doing what you are doing and don’t let the outliers get in the way. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy your insight and reflections.

  15. absolutely kkkkkrazy stuff! someone must of woke up on the wrong side of the rock or doesn’t like Britts and-or despises Scots!

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