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Surprised this week by the good folks at Project Upland: they asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed for their podcast series. I was happy to oblige, and really enjoyed talking with the host Nick Larson. This was the second interview I’ve granted in my short life; the first was in 1978, when a cute sophomore interviewed me for The Brush & Palette (the Laguna Beach High School newspaper; our mascot was “The Artist,” a mustachioed chap sporting a beret and holding a paintbrush, striking fear into the hearts of all paint-by-numbers fans). The topic then: my stratospheric career as drum major of our marching band, the highlight of which was my explanation of why I was chosen to be drum major: “Because I was sort of tall and thin and could walk straight.”

Laguna Beach High School mascot: Terrifying (they changed their mascot to the “Breakers” recently, or at least after I graduated)
Walking slightly straight


The topic of my second interview: chukar hunting. What else? It’s long, but I appreciated being asked about lots of things I like about this pursuit, including dogs, gear, and what I think about my wife taking up the gun. Enjoy!

Click on the photo to go to the podcast page. You can also download it on iTunes (Project Upland Podcast Episode 9)

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  1. So a couple of days ago I listened to it when it appeared on my FB feed. Sat in my car outside the gym after work and just listened. A great resource of auditory information. You being a teacher (a professional speaker basically) made it real easy to stay interested and it was good to hear your background. The best part was when you explained how your wife got involved and how she got her first chukar this year! From PeTA member to partridge hunter!! You are such a lucky man!

    I was married once. I took her back to WI for Christmas one year. She shot a Red Ryder BB gun as her first gun for the first time and said it kicked and was scared of it. I knew right then that all hope was lost!

    1. Ben, I’ve gotten lots of comments on my blog, but yours is one of my favorites. Thanks. I am lucky in many ways. I appreciate you noticing that. And your IG posts always make me smile! Cheers!

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