Getting Ready, with a Twist

We’re running out of these things

Like I need to tell you…

We’ve had our sights set on Wednesday after school to launch our 2017 bird season. Leslie decided over the summer that she wanted to try hunting this year. She said that she wants to experience what I experience working with the dogs, that taking photos and video can’t capture the experience like actually doing it. I agree.

Two Benellis now in the family

I don’t want to make too much about this, but it’s interesting to note that before we met in 2001 Leslie had been a PETA member. I don’t necessarily have anything against PETA; at least they’re not running around with Confederate flags trying to kill people. But they really aren’t fond of the whole hunting thing. So it has always seemed a little odd that Leslie not only didn’t mind me hunting but she accompanied me frequently (thus the great photos and videos on this blog). I knew it saddened her to watch me dispatch a live bird Peat or Angus retrieved; as most of you know, it still saddens me to have to do that. But I rationalized her part in all this as mainly motivated by watching the dogs work. She volunteered for several years with the Greyhound Rescue of Idaho, which began her love for dogs, but also paved her way toward her brief membership with PETA. Life is weird. Now she owns her own Benelli Montefeltro 20 gauge.

The Natural Shot

And she can use it. She’d never fired a gun until a year or two ago. On New Year’s Day, she fired one shot from a neighbor’s shotgun when a few of us were shooting clay pigeons on his property. This summer, after she decided she wanted to hunt, she shot about 10 shells at our neighbor’s house, and pulverized 5 of the pigeons. I was excited. She was excited. Our neighbor was excited. So she got the gun, and it sat in our house most of the summer — we were too busy, then school started — until yesterday. We’ve shot the last two days, and she’s getting it. More importantly, she likes it and wants to get better at it. Check out her form in this slow-motion video:

We also decided that we’re both getting weaker as we get older, so we’re adding some strength training, something a bit more than hoisting a pint a couple times a night. The dogs don’t know quite what to make of it.

Leslie doing some flexing for the mutts

So we’re ready to go now. I’ve heard mixed reports on birds in our normal area, and glowing reports about areas lower in elevation. We’ll see. Oh, and we’ve still got boatloads of hats and t-shirts if you’re interested. Check the Shop page for those…

8 Replies to “Getting Ready, with a Twist”

  1. So here in California, PETA tried to stop the use of DOGS in taking game. Thankfully the arc and many gun clubs came to the commission to nip that in the bud. PETA is not the outdoorsman friend.

  2. I know PETA is off-base when it comes to wide views on our complex world. Some “outdoor” groups are equally dumb. Hopefully we can all get along and have fun without hurting each other. šŸ™‚


    This new shooting range near horseshoe bend is supposed to be a great toon up for Chukar hunting with good clay stations representing chukar shots as best as possible. Leslie may benefit greatly from this course and 1-2 instructions, and gun fitting from joel.

    Joel is a personal friend, probably shot over 1000 chukar with him over the past 17 years. He knows his stuff when it comes to the ins and outs of shooting. He gave my adult son a fitting and quick tips after opening day last year. And he went from 1 chukar opening day to 7 the next day and his confidence soared and continued through the season. For new shooters he is patient and explains things very well. And he enjoys good beer. Good luck this fall and maybe we will cross paths. Chukarhunter50

  4. Good luck this year Leslie. I hate seeing you start hunting because of the great shot’s you take with the camera but I’m afraid we’ll lose you after you shoot a few birds over those great dogs.

  5. Good luck Leslie and all the best for the new hunting season from Italy. I hope we will not lose youre great camera reports…

  6. Now you will need a go pro this is not good for us who love Leslie’s videos. suggest having the gun fit to her professionally standard stock guns are to long for me and also to long for ladies this will help make 10 out of10 clays. You could be in for some real competition Bob.

    1. Ha ha, James! I had a GoPro, but didn’t like the video it took. Leslie will still take video and photos (she says). We’ll see. I’m actually trying to find someone who wants to come along and take video and maybe make a more professional film. Also, I think we’re going to go get a gun fit for her soon, so thanks for adding your two cents on that score.

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