Chukar Poacher Alert

A student of mine recently told me he heard a guy in town bragging about his amazing chukar-hunting son-in-law who killed 200 chukar from his pickup, on one snowy January day this past winter, along the road (Highway 71) near Brownlee Reservoir. The limit’s 8. Where’s F&G when you need ’em? (In 17 years of chukar hunting in Idaho, I’ve never once run into a F&G officer; not that I want to, but it makes you wonder.)

And now this:

If you know these folks, who were caught by what must be a Fish & Game game camera poaching chukar on March 18th (2017) in the Boise River WMA, call Idaho Fish & Game poaching hotline at (208) 334-3700.

Here’s another photo with what must be a new kind of chukar dog:

Times must be tough.

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  1. I bust my ass here in Ca. to even find birds and I see and here about people like this and it pisses me off so much. Hopefully karma is gonna be a real bitch!

  2. Seems like if someone put those photos on facebook, it would be ssolved in 24 hours..
    I don’t do any social media, but it’s apowerful tool…

    Any guesses on how your gamebird populations fared the tough winter??

    1. Vean, I read later that the pics were taken by a river guide, not a hidden cam. I’m anxious to know if they get caught. As for our birds, I’m not sure. I’ve seen some in places I didn’t expect to, and none in places I was sure they’d have survived. Time will tell, but overall I think they all took a hit this winter. Farmer’s Almanac says we’re gonna have a few more winters like last one before we see milder ones.

  3. Fortunate;y most hunters follow the rules. Our system of government does not work if people do not follow the rules when no one else is around. I believe that is the definition of integrity. There is not enough money to hire enough wardens, policemen, guards or security officers to* make* everyone follow the rules. You and I go outdoors to feel freedom. The last thing we need is to have a docent follow us around to make sure we follow the regulations. I am glad you don’t see wardens and more glad that you have the integrity not to need one to keep you following the rules. There will always be bad people who do not care for proper game management or any other of our rules. Fortunately the bad guys are few enough in number they are not a major threat to game populations.

    How would this be? To go hunting you must carry a cell phone so your GPS can be recorded and identified at all times. If you are walking in open space [or any place] you must wear a body camera so all of your activities can be recorded and viewed by someone in a room far, far, away. The technology is available. Fortunately we still think it is best to live lives based on good moral character being the controlling aspect of life in America. The game populations of America would have been destroyed years ago if most people did not follow the rules and even go beyond that point and do what it takes to help increase game populations: DU, Pheasants Forever, CWA, etc. Fortunately those who support game restoration and population management programs far out number the bad guys who only think about taking all they can under any circumstance possible. I like the system we have now. We need to focus on better education for game management and encouraging more people to get involved in at least one restoration program.

    Marilyn and I went out last Wednesday to help collect native plant seeds for use in restoring natural habitats in Orange County. This is a very good year for native wildflowers.

    I hope you are enjoying teaching.


    On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 3:36 PM, Chukar Hunting wrote:

    > Bob McMichael posted: “A student of mine recently told me he heard a guy > in town bragging about his amazing chukar-hunting son-in-law who killed 200 > chukar from his pickup, on one snowy January day this past winter, along > the road (Highway 71) near Brownlee Reservoir. The limit” >

  4. I don’t live up there but that really pisses me off. I hope they are caught quickly. But unfortunately I am sure the punishment will bee minimal.

  5. Hopefully this is a pretty easy catch. I’ve seen the photos on IDFG’s FB site too. I’ve been stopped/approached 3 times in the last 15 years or so by wardens and they’ve all been very professional and pleasant. Nice to see them out doing their work.

  6. I don’t recognize them, but they better hope that all the people reading your blog don’t find their truck by the side of the road.

  7. The problem we are addressing is all to common in all states. We as sports men and women can contact our local state officials and demand more fish and game officers must be trained and placed in the field to protect our resources.

    Fish and Game officers have a thankless job that is dangerous and the pay rate is on the lower scale for what they are expected to do.

    For those reading this post please report violations. The next time you come in contact with an enforcement officer thank them for their service.

    Be safe and have a great year.

  8. Sounds like they have been identified. Wildland firefighters, no names released. I would assume they live on grouse in august while fighting fires with taxpayer money. 5-10 year loss of hunting rights in the group of caliborating states would be great, but wont stop them. However, we would all feel better if it happened.

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