Chukar Freeway

Bob’s smarter half here, again: Winter has arrived and so has the first dusting of snow. Yesterday’s hunt was in 8 degree weather, not including the stiff wind chill factor. We hoped that the birds would be hunkered down and easy to find in big groups. It doesn’t usually get this cold in December, so we didn’t know what to expect. We started looking for the birds high on the mountain and found lots of fresh tracks on the slopes facing out of the harsh wind. Those tracks headed up the hill and right over the edge. As tough as we think we might be, dropping down off the side of a steep, snow covered rocky slope to chase the birds to the bottom on frozen grass and rocks would probably be stupid.

Fresh tracks in the snow.
Chukar freeway right over the steep edge.
I’m telling you, they were just here.
I know they’re down there somewhere.

Yesterday, the birds had the advantage over us. We only lasted out in the bitter cold for just over two hours. Angus and the kid didn’t complain one time about the cold. They both probably would have stayed out there all day if we’d let them. Just seeing the tracks was motivation to head out again, soon. Next time, though, we might change our strategy and start low and hopefully try to head them off at the pass.

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  1. Those tracks in the snow are proof that we humans will never be a threat to their populations. I can only imagine your thoughts when you got to the top and looked down the canyon they probably flew in. “You have to be a real dummy to go down there.” Keep up the pics and stories. They help me get through these cold winter days of sitting on my backside.

    1. Bob added the first part to the post. I’m only the smarter half because Bob was looking like he was going to go down. I envisioned him cartwheeling down the mountain with the keys to the pickup in his pocket.

  2. Has the kid shot his gun yet.?I keep hoping you get into a bunch of birds so he can knock down a bird. In Alaska it hit almost 40 degrees Sat. A heat wave this time of year.Good hunting to you and keep rolling that camera smarter half.
    Alan from alaska

  3. Alan, we’re probably going to resort to jump-shooting ducks on “The Kid’s” family farm along the river to get some action for the little guy. He has knocked down a couple quail (on impressive passing shots, mind you) in the slough near his house, so I know he’s a contender. But with the chukar, what better way to start off, during a tough year for birds and not be deterred… Plus, we do have 6 weeks to go… 🙂

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