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  1. Bob,

    Great video, I sure enjoy your blog. I live up in Montana but used to hunt out of Weiser. I love your part of the country and hope to make it back to hunt a few more times. I come down to the Boise market once or twice a year on business and always make sure to have lunch or dinner at Judy’s in
    Weiser. That country around Cambridge is fabulous, What a great place to live. Your a lucky man with a great wife and dog, thanks for sharing!!

    1. I never thought I’d hear someone from Montana tell me I’m lucky! Thanks for the comment. I’ll check out Judy’s – haven’t been there yet. I am already looking forward to next season – too many places to explore, and the birds seem to be everywhere!

  2. Yes: hear, hear….(not here, here, anyway). Awesome action, scenery, soundtrack, and sweet resonance with the bass rhythm in the double gunshot moment.
    As for here,there’s some up and down in the creek draws in Kansas/Flint Hills grasslands, but nothing so dramatic in elevation. Would love to share a video of a walk with three hunters of my dad’s era and three dogs on a late afternoon winter’s day a few years ago, but I recorded that one internally without camera lens. Joy!

    1. Thanks, Marjorie! Not everybody tunes in (pun intended) to the gunshots as part of the soundtrack. And next time bring a camera when you accompany old farts like me in the field!

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