Angus the Retriever

Brittany spanial with Hungarian partridges
Angus relaxing after a Hungarian day

I’ve raved about him before, many times, often regaling his retrieving prowess. Well, Angus amazed me once again on Sunday with his pursuit of a Hungarian partridge. After a nice point at the beginning of our day, a small covey of Huns took off and I lucked out by knocking one down. A split second before Angus would have had it in his mouth the Hun flew off with what looked like full power. Angus kicked it in high gear farther down the field. The bird went down again, and Angus almost got it. It flew again, with Angus locked onto it. Then it hopped, and hopped, and hopped some more. I worried Angus wouldn’t catch up to it before it escaped off a cliff or into a thicket he couldn’t reach it in, but Angus stuck with the bird until finally prevailing.

The video (see below) shows him following the bird’s every move with what Twain referred to (in a similar context) as “considerable interest.” Enjoy.

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