About 24 years ago I caught a few steelhead on the 6-weight fly rod my brother had made me years before. He was fishing with me, showing me what to do, wading in shallow, clear water of the Columbia River near Richland, Washington. Seams. Green Butt Skunks. The fish were incredibly big and strong.

The next spring I moved from what I’d always thought would be my forever home of the San Francisco Bay Area to Boise, Idaho, where I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have a job. Those fish were the catalysts for the gyrational push and pull that sent me north. Aside from a recent two-year diversion, I’ve been an Idahoan since.

Looking back, I might say the move was adventurous, but somehow — in the moment — adventure never registered. Fear, for sure. Excitement, too, and a little loneliness. Part of the plan was to get my first dog and figure out how to hunt birds with it, another thing my brother introduced me to. After I screwed up the first dog, limiting my time chasing birds with her, I got a do-over with my second dog, Angus, who was the catalyst for this blog, which in a way has been the most stable thing I’ve ever had.

And so it goes. We’re at the beginning of a new season. Oregon hasn’t even opened yet. While knowing I’m in the worst shape since beginning to hunt chukar 23 years ago I’m grateful to be able to get out, and the hills don’t scare me. That hasn’t changed despite the degradation of muscle mass. Until we started climbing, I thought I’d fear gravity but it’s almost the opposite. Life is full of surprises: I’m still excited. I’m glad to say that.

Another surprise, which I’ve deliberated on for a while now about sharing here, is what I’ve started doing in my “spare time.” I’ve decided to try being a realtor, and am both scared and excited about it. I’m sharing this here as a brazen advertisement of my services, and will only say that if you’ve ever thought of moving closer to chukar country I’d like the chance to help you find the right place. I’ll be the first to say that Idaho is a weird state, but it has a lot to offer if you like public land. Anyway, I’m working with the biggest broker in Idaho (Silvercreek Realty), and have started Chukar Hills Realty as my business. If you’re interested in seeing what’s out there, you can search property on my website: If you click on the link, it’ll ask you to set up an account, but that’s only so I’ll get the lead. You might get some spam, but you can always unsubscribe. So there it is, and that’s all I’ll say about this here. Thanks.

2 Replies to “Real”

  1. Best of luck! I sold real estate for 20 years before coming to Idaho. Very rewarding and sometimes painful profession…one of my reasons for coming here several years ago was to hunt birds..let’s just say I was much more successful at real estate..;-)

  2. Hello Bob ,
    Having spent 38 years in the East Bay, moving up to Oregon 4 years ago was quite a change in our life’s .
    Like you said, North has always attracted me more then any other places to live .
    I am glad we made the move , should have have done it long time ago .
    Your new career looks very exciting , best of luck with it .
    Looking forward to hit the Chukar hills in a week as I try not to go on the opening weekend .
    Best .

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