Bucking Chukar Hats, Finally!

Tried to get these in stock for Christmas, but the vendor misspelled “chukar” on the back. Believe it.

Richardson 309 (left) and 112FP (right)

Anyway, we’re pretty happy with how they turned out: we’ve got a trucker and a solid canvas duck cloth hat, both from Richardson, and they’re going to go fast, and not sure we’ll get more, so…

We also have a bunch of Bucking Chukar hoodies in size XXL, which is really a real-world XL for those of you still growing or shrinking or holding steady. I dropped the price a couple bucks on those.

Yeah, I know: just in time for the season to be over. Well, maybe it’s a consolation? Maybe it means you can drink more beer?

2 Replies to “Bucking Chukar Hats, Finally!”

  1. I would buy a Chukar Culture brimmed hat with a blaze orange band. My two Orvis blaze orange brimmed hats are faded and two small for my fat head. Bob,
    there’s got a be a niche market for a fedora style–even my Orvis hat seems to impress both my Brits and the chukar, less so my wife. I’d pay $75.00 for one.

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