New Swag For the Holidaze

You asked, you shall get. We have Bucking Chukar hoodies now (not many, though!), as well as more Bucking Chukar T-Shirts. We also added new die-cut high quality vinyl Chukar Culture and Bucking Chukar stickers.

We’re working on a killer new hat design, but struggling a bit to find a reliable hat embroidering vendor (any recommendations?).

Get ’em while they’re in stock.

2 Replies to “New Swag For the Holidaze”

  1. Bob…Shadows in Boise did the T-shirts for the Fly-In I organized this summer. They do really great work…hats also.

  2. Bob please make your hats with the small rim. Not those truck driver/ gang banger type. I need an orange one and will wait till yours comes out.

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