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Words matter. I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, and one of the things that keeps me interested in it is the comments I get from readers. I have learned a lot from them, and appreciate the culture of the blog because of readers’ comments. Many comments have taken issue with things I’ve said, which I also appreciate even if I don’t always agree; civil discourse seems increasingly rare these days but is an important feature of any democratic society, and — until a few days ago — all 1,143 comments on this blog had been civil.

We changed the name of the blog, and I explained why we did that so I won’t go into that again. A comment came in recently criticizing the name change as “politically correct” and telling me it “has to go.” I have to say I was surprised by both ideas. First, culture is culture. Everyone has it, participates in it, and uses it. To call our use of the word “politically correct” misunderstands the phrase, this blog, and culture itself, and says more about the person who wrote it than what he believes it means. Second, to tell us our new name “has to go” is just plain rude. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere for your chukar fix. If you think it should be called something else, write your own blog.

I’m happy to say that it appears a few readers don’t mind the name Chukar Culture; our new hats sold out in the first week or so (more are on the way soon, with some additional styles).

I will say, though, that we’re considering changing the name again. The current leaders are: “Chukar Cult”; “Nirvana: The Socio-cultural Pursuit and Sustainable Destruction of the Red-Legged Devil” (this won’t fit too well on a hat, though); “The Ups and Downs of Chukar Hunting”; and (my favorite) “Blowing Away Red-beaked Birds and then Posting Chest-Thumping Photos of What We Killed.” Sadly, Mouthful of Feathers, Red-Legg’ed Devils, Tucker’s Chukars, and Upland Jitsu are already taken; I like those names (and the blogs that belong to them).

Stay tuned for a review of a new chukar hunting pack…

15 Replies to “Words”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. Your writing is always great and I appreciate the fantastic photography and insight. It takes a lot of work to produce what you do and I for one would continue reading even if you didn’t have a blog name at all! Please keep it up.

    Cheers from Eagle, ID

  2. Hey Bob, Culture implies the birds, the land, the dogs, the weather, the terrain, monitoring the hatch, the guns, vests, hats and all the other paraphernalia that goes along with it. It’s a full time vocation! could be worse- you could have called it “Partridge Perversion”. Free speech and civil discourse are sadly lacking these days and though I am no fan of Political Correctness, I do not see ” Chukar Chulture” as PC and would leave it be.

  3. Thanks Bob, I laughed at this and especially the new suggested names. I personally couldn’t care less what you change the name to, you could change it to “Fluffy White Bunnies in Tiaras” and I will still come here as long as the content, pictures, and video – as well as your public land stance – don’t change! That is what is important to me in regards to your blog. I appreciate what you and your wife provide to us and the effort you put into it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Personally, Bob, I like the name change because there is definitely a culture, ie craziness involved in chukar hunting. I appreciate you recognizing that craziness
    …umm.. culture.

  5. I agree with this part, “If you don’t like it, go elsewhere for your chukar fix. If you think it should be called something else, write your own blog.” Do you own thing. I will follow you.

  6. Bob,

    I also don’t care what your blog is titled. I really appreciate that you and your wife (Leslie, if I remember correctly) put the work into documenting and sharing your hunts. I’ve enjoyed every single one since I stumbled onto your blog about five years ago.
    I enjoy your writing and the photographs are beautiful.

    Also, well done on the classy rebuke to the “nasty comments.”

  7. Wow! That’s why I’m a chukar hunter. I’m not smart enough to see what is politically correct or incorrect about anything you write or the name of your blog. You and Leslie provide great entertainment for me and many other sportsmen out there. You also help to keep us educated about chukar related subjects as well. It saddens me to think some people can’t enjoy things the way they are meant to be. I hope the unhappy party goes his own way and let the rest of us enjoy Chukar culture the way that you meant it to be, educational and fun. Keep up the good work.

    Larry and Jake

  8. Hello Bob! The new name is great as wel as reading you and watching your videos fm Italy! You’re doing a great job! Tanks.

  9. Keep up the great work. This is one of the few sites that I continue to visit time and time again because of the great content. I love the hard work and dedication that you put into this site. Your passion for chukar hunting shines through. Keep the material coming.

  10. Bob remember to some change is fearful when in reality to embrace change can bring opportunity. Opportunity to bring new people in to the sport we love, how we use words really makes a difference. Culture vs. hunting could make those people who would never look at this sport think to look again and with our ethics with our passion and joy that makes life great give others the same opportunity. I like it. great job. James T

    1. James, thank you for your comments, which mean a lot to me because they echo my hope and intention. It’s nice to know so many people here are on the same wavelength. Thanks!

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