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Great upland bird blog - Mouthful of Feathers
Mouthful of Feathers’ “About” page with Gustav Mahler

Just wasting time, procrastinating, searching for blogs on “chukar hunting,” and found what’s easily the best blog I’ve seen on upland bird hunting: Mouthful of Feathers. Excellent writing, thoughtful ideas, and – if you can believe it – the “About” page starts off with a quote from none other than Gustav Mahler. Uncanny. I wish I didn’t have work to do so I could stay up all night and look at the pictures, videos, and great stories with provocative thoughts about the pursuit. I wish I’d met these people years ago and could be looking at myself in some of their photos. Damn. The only critique I have of the stuff I see on the blog is their quite poor taste in beer.

Anyway, check it out. If you’re chukar-baka like I am, you’ll dig it.

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  1. Bob, I really appreciate your blog. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, reading the articles, and watching the video. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I meant to return the favor, and then I got wrapped up in the good writing and the articles. Your wife is doing an outstanding job with the pictures and the videos. I am currently between hunting trips. Your blog is a great way for me to stay in the action. I have not hunted near Brownlee reservoir. The last two times I was in Idaho, we stayed farther south. Good luck and I will enjoy reading your posts.

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