The Last Week

Brittany with two chukar
My buddy Angus

One more day left. Yesterday, Leslie and I joined Angus for a “quick” afternoon hunt not far from home (how lucky are we?). He and I had been to the same area last week and found a nice covey of chukar but I missed my three shots at them. That’s another story.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm and calm, and we found the same group of birds, pretty much in the same area. I did a much better job of remaining calm on the flush and knocked down two birds.

Angus and Leslie
My two favorite creatures

The second, which you’ll see in the video, took off right at my feet, and I winged it. Angus chased that bird probably a couple hundred yards down the hill, and when I finally gained a view of his pursuit watched him chasing the bird in circles before leaping several feet into the air after it, nabbing it, and trotting back up the hill to deliver it to me. I love that dog.

So does Leslie, who took some great footage of the winter landscape in this special place.

3 Replies to “The Last Week”

  1. Heading out for the last weekend in nevada tomorrow. If you love brittanies and Chukar check out “chukar hunting NV 2012” on youtube. Great website.

  2. Bob,I really enjoy your videos. I live in Ohio,but travel extensivly.(retired) I too have a Britt,I love Angus. My best friend just bought a home in Mt Home and I will be there untill Christmas. Scotty

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