Used Garmin TT15 Tracking & Training Collar


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This was Angus’s original Garmin TT15 collar before we moved to the TT15 Mini collars for both dogs. It’s in excellent condition, and has a new-ish hunter orange nylon collar strap.

Includes the charging clip USB cable, but not the AC plug-in; it will charge with any USB plug-in. Also includes: 12-volt car charger, two extra stimulation posts, post wrench, and orange rubber stimulation post cover (if you want to use it without the stimulation posts).

The TT15 will fit any upland dog, but I recommend it for larger breeds such as GSP, Griffons, and — of course — mastiffs and Rottweilers, and possibly unruly adolescent shot-putters.


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Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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